Jul. 14th, 2011

Character Businesses

These are not the only businesses in town, but since I know that there were a few characters in game who have started their own businesses, I thought that I would list them here. Yes, starting your own business is allowed, but be realistic about it. If you don't have much money, then you can only start with what you have and you're gambling what little you do have. If you have a lot, you have more to start your business with. Also consider length of time. Smaller in-home businesses can start sooner, but if you need a building or any supplies, you're not going to get all of them right away.

Home businesses )

Out of home businesses )

If you have started a business, please comment here with the necessary information. I do not have a format because different business types will require different information. Just put any details your character's potential customers might like to know.

Keep in mind that some businesses will require things like "hours of operation", "location" etc.

Jul. 1st, 2011


Dropping a character? We're sad to see them go, but please comment here, using the following form to do so.


Jun. 24th, 2011

Home Application

Are you interested in moving into a home, instead of living in an apartment? We have the solution for you. There are twenty new homes here in Atlantis, where three or more people may dwell. How can you get into one of these houses? Read on...

How to move into your very own home )

Jun. 18th, 2011

Plot Drop Box

This post serves two purposes. First is to drop plot suggestions. The second is to volunteer for plots that need volunteers.

To suggest your own plot, please comment here, detailing anything we as the mods need to know about the plot in question.

To volunteer for a plot, please post a reply to the comment for the plot, answering anything the plot comment asks for.

Comments are screened.

Jun. 12th, 2011

Taken - T-Z

Played Characters T-Z )

Jun. 6th, 2011

Taken - G-M

Played Characters G-M )

Jun. 1st, 2011


Text list of fandoms, characters and canon points )

May. 23rd, 2011

Wanted Characters

Wanted Characters )

May. 6th, 2011

Map of Atlantis

Map of the Land )

May. 1st, 2011

Character/ Fandom Caps

Please keep in mind that characters over the cap will be accepted only if they are fulfilling a storyline/ applying in response to a Wanted Page entry. You must link to the storyline on the Wanted Page for your application to be accepted.

Fandom Caps )

Apr. 29th, 2011

Taken - N-S

Taken N-S )

Housing Assignments

What does your new home look like? )

Housing Assignments for all new tenants!

Please note: If your characters would like to move in together, please comment a request here (in character) also keep in mind that this is a decision that should be made by both characters in game.

Bldg 1 )

Bldg 2 )

Bldg 3 )

[Additional floors/ buildings will be added as necessary]

Houses )

Apr. 22nd, 2011

Taken - #-F

Played Characters #-F )

Apr. 6th, 2011

Wanted Characters - old

If there are any characters you would like in game, please comment here with the following format. You are responsible for deleting/reposting your comments when your requests have been filled.

If you are interested in one of the characters, you may contact the player by the contact means they listed or comment their request.


Step 1. Please make sure you have a contact post in your character journal. The information you provide on the contact post is completely up to you, but it must be a public post so that everyone in game can see it. You must also include at least one way outside of InsaneJournal to contact you. Please include your character, their canon point, and ways to contact you. There will a friendlocked contact post where you are required to put other contact information. IMPORTANT: Please look at the sample contact post before posting your application. Not all of this information is required, but the first part needs to be there, as well as the one outside contact method. Here

Step 2. Please friend the mod journal here and request to join the comms here, here and here If you do not request these when you app, you will have to request them then wait for the next adds to be added.

Step 3: Fill out the following and put it in a comment here from your character journal. It is also recommended that you include this information on your contact post for the benefit of other players.

If your character is capped with exception, there must be a request on the wanted page and you must link in your application.

Character Name:
If AU, how is your character AU?
Point in canon:
Link to Contact Post:
Link to requested storyline:

FAQ | Drop Box

Q. What is the point in this game?
A. The only real point in this game is to have a place to play whatever characters you want, how many of them you want without having the stress of activity requirements or having to see that yet again your favorite characters are taken.

Q. Does this mean that you allow more than one person to play the same character? Even the same version?
A. Yes. The same characters can be played, whether they're all canon and from the same medium or different versions. There is little likelihood that they will all be played the same way, as we all have different interpretations of characters that still allow us to play them by canon. Above all, do not slam another players way of playing the same character you do. Your way is no more or less right than theirs.

Also, we have a cap on characters being played already. Only ten of each character can be played, unless fulfilling a specific storyline. See Rules for more on this.

Q. Is there a rule about using canon pbs from TV shows/movies?
A. If your fandom is only a tv show or a movie and doesn't come from a previous source, we do prefer that you use the canon pb. However, if the pb is difficult to find icons of, you are allowed to use a suitable replacement. If your character is from a tv show or a movie that does have a previous source (most notably books) you are allowed to use a different pb, though keep this rule within reason--if you are playing Elena Gilbert true to the tv show, don't use a blonde pb. If you're playing Elena Gilbert true to the books, don't use Nina Dobrev. Use common sense. Also, keeping pbs age appropriate is preferred, also within reason. We realize that most people who play/have played teenagers were or are in their twenties, but make sure your pbs realistically look the age they are to be portraying.

Q. Is a live pb necessary?
A. Yes. Even for cartoon/anime/comic book characters, we would prefer a live, age appropriate pb. If there is something in particular that can't be portrayed by a live pb and can only be found in it's true form you are allowed to use some icons from the original source but please keep live icons as well. Your characters will be seen by others as live.

Q. Is canon puncturing allowed?
A. No. We realize a lot of fandoms reference others (for example: In the Pretty Little Liars books, both Veronica Mars and Glee were mentioned) for the sake of these games, your character will lose knowledge of any particular tv show/book or other medium that other characters are from.

Q. What about supernatural fandoms meeting non-supernatural fandoms?
A. Yes, it's true that a character like Rory Gilmore won't accept vampires as real and go hunting them, but in most cases of supernatural fandoms, they are kept a secret from the human world anyway, so a vampire telling Rory that they exist and being met by refusal to believe they exist would be natural. Further proof would likely make her a believer rather than her believing they're fictional despite being there.

Q. There isn't a taken list, how will we know what characters/fandoms are in play?
A. Since multiple versions of the same character are allowed, the need for a taken list isn't there. There are now taken pages, so you may refer to them at any time. We also do realize that some people judge who they want to play based on who is already in play, so there will be a wanted page. Players posting to the wanted page are responsible for it's upkeep, so if character requests are filled, it is your responsibility to remove/re-post your comments.

Q. Since there is little mod involvement here, what do we do if we have questions or have a serious issue that needs mod assistance?
A. This post is also a screened drop box where any and all questions may be addressed. If it's a question about the game itself, it will be unscreened so others can see the question and answer and later added to this faq. If it's a more serious concern, it will remain screened for privacy and deleted once the issue has been addressed.

At this point, the mods are becoming more involved and will be running some plots to help encourage interaction between fandoms.

Q. Does our character journal have to be exclusive to this game? Do we have to have one for each character?
A. As we have the network comm for journals/texts/notes/etc, the character journal does not have to be exclusive. You do, however, have to have a separate journal for each character you play here.

Q. Are OCs allowed?
A. Yes, they are. If they have any backstory with canon characters, just make sure at least one version of that canon character approves it, and be willing to accept it if not all versions of that character will go with it.

Q. Are the other "Originals" from The Vampire Diaries allowed?
A. As we know that there are a total of 9 originals (mom, dad, Klaus, Elijah and five siblings) we will allow up to 2 parent Originals and 5 sibling Originals (besides the two canon ones). To keep it realistic, we are limiting the genders to make it near even. Currently, there is only one male sibling spot left, as well as the parent spots.

Q. When are adds?
A. There are two of us who do adds and we try to do them once a day, but sometimes we can't get them done. We will try to get them within 72 hours, but there are no promises.

Q. Can characters be aged up from canon?
A. Yes, you would just have to bring them in from however many years post-canon to make them the appropriate age. For example, Beth Corcoran from Glee (born in season 1) could be aged up to 17 and would have to be from 17 years after her season 1 birth.

Q. If I have an OC child of canon characters we don't have yet, is that allowed?
A. Yes, just keep in mind that should those characters be picked up later, they don't have to acknowledge your character as their child. You can also app the OC child then post to the wanted page asking for their parents to specifically fill the storyline.

Q. Are kids allowed to be played?
A. Yes. As long as they're old enough to think and act on their own, they may be played. I would say probably no younger than 6 or 7.

Q. Can characters come from a different game and keep the backstory from it?
A. If your characters backstory is from a single family game, set in the canon location, then yes you may bring in backstory from the previous game. We will handle backstory on crossover games on a case-by-case basis. If your backstory is from a panfandom game, we would prefer it to be started over in our game as though they never went to wherever the last game was set.

Q. If we bring our characters in from one canon point but want to later update them to another, can that be done? And how?
A. There are two ways to do this. The main way is by the mirror in your characters room and the other is actually sending your character home and bringing them back.

When your character looks in the mirror and sees what is going on at home, they will only see what happens to or around them specifically, basically just scenes involving them. Anything that happens when their character isn't around, they will have to find out from someone else who knows.

It also doesn't change anything about your character. An example of this: If Elena had turned into a vampire during the sacrifice and an Elena updated to that point, she would see herself turning but she wouldn't turn in game. To do that, you would have to send your character home for a minimum of 24 hours (meaning no new threads/comm posts/replies to comm posts in that time) and bring them back in from the new point.

Q. Can AU characters be updated?
A. They can be, but depending on how AU your character is, what they see might not reflect what was in the show at all. If they're AU in game, they remain AU even when being updated. If you want to put in the work to update your AU character, feel free.

Q. What can vampires do for blood if they don't want to use force or compel people?
A. There are animals on the island for vampire that prefer to live off an animal diet. The animal population will keep replenishing itself so that there is never a shortage. For characters who need/prefer human blood but still don't want to use force or compel someone to let them feed off them, there are blood bags available (also replenishes itself) as well as a feeder center.

Q. What is a feeder center?
A. In the Vampire Academy fandom, the good vampires are called Moroi. They're mortal and can eat food but they need a daily supply of human blood. To my knowledge, animal blood doesn't work for them. So in their fandom, they have willing donors called feeders. But they couldn't just ask someone in game because their bites release endorphins that make their bites enjoyable... and addictive. The more they are bitten the more they lose their mind. So to alleviate this, we decided that there is feeder center in town (we did say you could find anything, after all). Any vampires who drink human blood but don't want to go out and force/compel people to let them feed off them can go there. The feeders there will more than likely be dazed from the high of moroi bites and won't really notice that other vampire bites hurt.

Q. If my character is killed/injured in game, what can be done?
A. For characters killed in game, there are two options. One is to send your character home (keep them out of play for at least 24 hours) and bring them back alive. At this time, they can come back from the same exact point they were here previously or an earlier/later point. You can also choose if your character recalls being there previously. The other option is that the mod-played Castiel (Supernatural) has been offered to bring characters back to life.

For characters injured in game, the mod-played Lissa Dragomir (Vampire Academy) has the ability to heal basically anything, including bringing people back from the dead. The latter has serious consequences for both, so I would prefer not to heal anything that extreme, but she can heal anything else.

Q. Since characters are on an island, how far can they go into the ocean?
A. If the character is swimming, they can probably go as far as they swim, unless your character is an exceptional swimmer. If they are on a boat of some sort, they can go as far as they can still see the island, but once they reach that point where it is almost out of sight, they will hit a barrier that they can not cross.

Q. There seem to be a lot of characters played from just a few specific fandoms, with little interaction from other fandoms. Will there be a cap to how many characters per fandom can be played?
A. As of June 24, 2011, Fandom caps have been put into place. Each fandom can have up to 100 active characters taken. The exception to this rule is if you wish to apply a character to fulfill a storyline request, or from the Wanted Page. A link or explanation must be provided for approval.

Q. Sometimes, it doesn't seem reasonable for a multi-person family to live in an apartment. Will houses be available?
A. A new Housing system has been put into effect starting June 25, 2011. There will be 20 houses available (for now). Applications will be reviewed and accepted by the mods, on a case by case basis. See Housing Assignments for more information.

Q. Is my character allowed to get pregnant/ impregnate another character?
A. Yes. It must be mod-approved, and both parties must agree. For more information, see this post.

Q. I have a couple who are expecting a baby. They don't have enough people for a house, but living with strangers wouldn't be good for their baby. Is there another option for them?
A. Yes. We now offer 2-bedroom apartments on the sixth floor of the buildings. Please comment to the Housing Assignments page to request a move.

Any other questions, comments, concerns or suggestions? Comment here.


001. Do not godmod. This includes playing out actions of other characters (having your character punch another character, then saying that it knocked the other character backwards), playing other characters into impossible situations (the former example of having your character punch another character but wording it so that they have no choice but to take the punch) or taking ooc knowledge and putting it into play without permission (say you know ooc that someone's character is cheating on yours, then having your character confront them about it).

002. Please play your characters true to their character. We're all for character development, but if your character is evil don't have them walking around being nice to everyone without some basis or backstory to it. While we do allow AU versions, keep in mind that AU doesn't change an entire character's personality.

003. Don't cause drama, slam other players in or out of the games. This game is relaxed for a reason, it's supposed to be fun so keep it fun. We do realize, however, that issues will likely arise from time to time. If it can't be worked out individually, please bring it to a mod's attention and we will do what we can to take care of it.

004. Character/Fandom Caps: All fandoms will be capped at 100 characters/fandom unless the character applied is filling a storyline. As for character caps, they will be 10/ character (for example, 10 Rachel Berrys, 10 Sam Winchesters, 10 Harry Potters, etc). unless fulfilling a specific storyline. See a mod if you have any questions.

005. Regarding pregnancies, please see this post.